1. Patterns of Change - GROUP SHOW

    2024-04-23 19:42:00 UTC
    GROUP EXHIBITION 🇺🇸 ANNOUNCEMENT.Pleased to announce that I will be part of a group show entitled “Patterns of Change” alongside international @thebatikguild artists.Taking place at the @naplesbotanical - Kapnick Hall from May 4-June 30 This is my first juried US show ever and I am excited that it will feature…

  2. Exploring the World of Traditional Indigo Batik: A Reflection on Creativity, Mental Health, and Continuous Learning

    2024-04-21 20:24:27 UTC
    This past weekend, I delved into the captivating world of traditional indigo batik through a hands-on workshop facilitated by SlowMaking Co. and hosted by the Aga Khan Museum. As I immersed myself in the rich history, intricate motifs, and wax-resist dyeing method of Miao batik, several reflections emerged that I…

  3. New Prints + Small Art Release

    2024-04-12 14:14:00 UTC
    PRINTS + SMALL PAPER RELEASESI have released 3 new items on the shop 1️⃣Affirmation Original Paper Batiks 2️⃣Hauts Les Coeurs Limited Edition Art Print 8.5x10  and 3️⃣Hauts Les Coeurs Open Edition Art Print 12x18 My p’tite Maman has this saying - “Hauts les Coeurs”. In english, it translates to “Hearts…

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