Gabrielle Lasporte is a creative with over 25 years experience in the creative world. She has an expansive multi-disciplinary practice with experience ranging from ideation, production and fabrication to sourcing, budgeting and creative project management – Since 2004, she has led and executed many creative projects in the public, retail, non profit and corporate sectors.

BLENDING ART + DESIGN SEAMLESSLY — Gabrielle's artwork is most known for the use of bright rich colours, hand drawn organic shapes using nature, patterns as her muses. ART IS LIFE and life is everywhere. From small works of art to full size installations, Gabrielle creates in a variety of mediums, including modern batik (dyes on fabric using wax resist), pyrography, ink, digital (and more) and loves to come up with unique ways to express herself creatively while sharing her messages of authentic expansion, growth and creation. 

Gabrielle also presents ephemeral art installations for various events, engaging viewers on the topic at hand from her creative viewpoint - engaging her audience with her artist mandate and discussing those expressions within curated spaces.

Gabrielle has extensive experience creating impactful visuals in the world of design. Design strengths focus on clean aesthetics and using iconic visuals as a mean of communication to draw in audiences. She has contributed her expertise in all aspects of visual design from creative concepts, art direction, production, branding, Illustrations, ground design/creative, graphic design - creative and production along with diagrams, exhibit concept, design project management, print management, french language consulting and management and scheduling for a wide range of visual projects.

Modern Batik.

Using traditional batik materials of water-based dyes, wax and fabric, colours are applied in layers starting from light to dark. More control is gained over the intensity of the dyes by applying them by paintbrush as opposed to submerging the fabrics within the dyes themselves.  

This revolutionary approach allowed to create detailed, refined images with dramatically enhanced tonality, shading and depth. Each section of the Modern Batik piece is toned separately using a technique called fragmentation. This modification adds increased background depth, broadness and a richer palette of colours to the artwork, allowing control of detail and richness comparable to that of any acrylic and watercolour painter.

It is then sealed with wax using a brush or a tjanting (tool to dispense the wax) to prevent other colours from changing it (known as wax resist). Once the piece is completed, the wax is removed to reveal a bold palette of colours. These innovative elements are used to develop the art form that is called Modern Batik Art. 

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